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If you are searching through our web-site and read this text – you must have made your choice,

your next destination - UKRAINE.

Probably, you read lots of information about our country, examined its sights, and marked the most spectacular ones for you.

But let us also tell you just few words about the land we love so much.

Ukraine is…

  • A cup of herb tea with blueberry jam in Carpathians
  • A glass of white wine at the blue Black sea shore
  • Great History in the lights of modern Kyiv
  • Charming smell of chocolate, coffee and festivities in Lviv
  • Sound of the surf and good mood in always happy Odesa
  • Medieval spirit in Kamianets-Podilskyi
  • Healing springs of Transcarpathia
  • The atmosphere of the sacraments near the Pochaiv Lavra
  • Magic moments in the Tunnel of Love
  • Synevyr lake legends
  • 87 types of Ukrainian liquor and hundreds kinds of Ukrainian beer
  • the most delicious Varenyky and Borsh EVER
  • Song which comes from soul
  • Dance which perfomes by heart
  • Smiling faces all aound
  • Motherland of Andriy Shevchenko, boxing brothers Klitchko and more 42 millions of cool guys
  • Crimea, which misses home, but finally will come back soon
  • Maydan which brought together the entire country
  • People whose faith will never fade

Ukraine is a country where for some reason you have not been before.