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Hotels in Ivano-Frankivsk

Coming people like Ivano-Frankivsk very much, even those who is in love with aristocratic Paris or golden Prague. Traveler visited Prykarpatiye capital twenty-thirty year ago still remember the city between two Bystritsa – nice and rather comfortable for permanent living in. Walking the historical center (it coincides with modern administrative and business center) native citizen of Ivano-Frankovsk as well as guest feel free and relaxed. It because he is not pressed by metal and concrete buildings of megapolis and the city inferiority does not influence him.

Ivano-Frankivsk is one of the few native cities where old times were not changed much and 49,5 m city hall with gilded few years ago dome and Market Place is in the epicenter of it.

Places recommended to visit:

  • Cathedral of Our Lady. Paraphial Roman-Catholic Church of Our Lady (1672-1703), A. Sheptytskyi square. The most ancient building of the city. It was built in baroque style with elements of renaissance as a family tomb of Pototskiye. Today it is the Art Museum (10 thousand of exhibits) with the sacral works of art prevailing.
  • Maniavsky Waterfall. It is situated above Maniavsky Monastery in mountain gorge. But it is very difficult to get there. The height of the waterfall is approximately 20 meters and water falls with several cascades. There is a small fine lake at the foothill of waterfall. If you want you can swim there.
  • Maniavskyi Skit. It is situated in Maniava village of Bogorodchanskyi District Ivano-Frankovsk oblast 25 km from Nagornaya village. Monastery was founded in 1612. Under some sources Hetman Ivan Vigovskyi was buried here. In 1980 the Monastery was restored and now there is Krestovozdvizhenskyi Monastery.
  • Latin Collegiate
  • The Armenian church (presently used by one of the Ukrainian Orthodox Churches)
  • City Brewery
  • Stanislav fortress compound and Potocki palace
  • Ratusha – former city hall
  • Battle of Grunwald monument – commemorating the defeat of the Teutonic Order in 1410
  • Monument to Adam Mickiewicz (1930), it was reconstructed in 1989, located on Adam Mickewicz Square next to a regional concert (philharmony) hall. It is the oldest surviving monument in the city and was built on 20 November 1898 (sculptor Tadeusz Blotnicki).
  • Monument to Stepan Bandera and Museum of the Insurgent Army at the European Square was awarded the best architectural project of 2007 designed by a local architecture company "Atelie Arkhitektury"

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