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Hotels in Kolomyia

Kolomyia is a wonderful city with a very expressive character of the Austro-Hungarian buildings, with the population - 70 thousand inhabitants, which situated on the river Prut. This is a sparkling place of the Precarpathians, a symbol of a rebirth the forgotten places, the pearl of the soul of the Hutsul region.

If you are interested in wooden art works as well as metal and leather, those of pottery, painting and iconography on glass, you should visit Kolomyya, for here is the biggest collection of such works in Ukraine dated back as the 16th century. The museum features rare archeological collections of Trypillian culture (II-IV millenia B.C.) and numismatics.

Recommended places to visit:

  • Museum "Pysanka". It is the only museum in the world, which was specially constructed for keeping and exhibiting the works of pysanka painting. Pysanka is a hen or goose egg painted using a special technology and covered with natural or aniline dyes. The museum has more than 6000 exhibits.
  • The Church of St. Michael
  • Wooden Blagoveshchensk church
  • History Museum
  • Museum of Hutsul folk art and Pokuttia
  • Town Ratusha

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