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Hotels in Lviv

There are 50% of all architectural monuments of Ukraine in Lviv. That is why the centre of the city is considered to be historic and architect reservation. Variety and mixture of different styles of all epochs beginning from 13 century, find their reflection in grey stone buildings of Lviv. Gothic and baroque, renaissance and Roman style, rococo and Empire, modern eclectic and constructivism are combined in it architecture.

During its many centuries history the ancient Lviv undergone many wars and floods, but each time the city came back to life. Those who was there once, come back here more and more to feel it magic force and to receive unforgettable impression. Lviv is a city-museum at the open air where each street has its legend and history full of different peripeteia from politics to love.

Lvivske Museum of Beer Brewing is the oldest still functioning brewery in Europe, which will turn 300 in 2015. A tasting tour through the mainly underground facilities awaits you.

The Lychakiv Cemetry is the historic burial place for Lviv's intelligentsia and upper classes. It's a sprawling necropolis, full of ornate sculptures and magnificent tombs.

The name of the city sounded in different way during different times: Lviv, Leopolis, Leontopolis, Levenburg, Lvuv. But the root in all names is one and the same “lev” (lion), symbolizing the king of animals. Lion is also on the emblem of the city. The city was called by Prince Danilo Galytskyi in honor of his son.

In 1998, Lviv was put in the List of world architectural monuments under UNESCO protection.
On 12 June 2009 the Ukrainian magazine Focus judged Lviv the best Ukrainian city to live in. Its more Western European flavor lends it the nickname the "Little Paris of Ukraine".

Recommended restaurants in Lviv

Tourist attractions:
  • Market Square (Ploshcha Rynok) 18,300 m2 in the historical center of the city where Lviv City Hall is situated.
  • Black House (Ukrainian: Chorna Kamyanytsia)
  • Armenian Cathedral
  • Orthodox Cathedral
  • Korniakt Palace
  • Latin Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary
  • St. George's Cathedral of the Greek-Catholic Church
  • Dominican Church of Corpus Christi
  • Chapel of the Boim family
  • Lviv High Castle (Ukrainian: Vysokyi Zamok), hill overlooking the historical center of the city
  • Union of Lublin Mound
  • Lychakivskiy Cemetery, cemetery where the notable people were buried
  • Svobody Avenue, Lviv's central street
  • Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet
  • Potocki Palace
  • Lvivske Museum of Beer Brewing
  • Arsenal Museum


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