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There are many historical and architectural monuments in Uzhgorod district:

  • One of them is the unique medieval castle in Sredneye village. Lonely tower-donjon keeps secrets of it first owners – gloomy Knights Templars. Great European rulers trembled when the names of Templars were mentioned. It is said that here they hidden their treasures when the King of Hungary, under the request of Philippe the Beautiful, Emperor of France, ordered to ruin all strengthenings of Templars and to imprison them. After the Order collapsed in 1312, the castle was taken by the monks of St. Paul Order. The castle was significantly damaged during the Liberation War of Hungarian people in 1703-1711. One more historical fact from the history of the castle is that his owner was famous Hungarian hero Ishtvan Dobo. Eger fortress – the stronghold of Hungarian kings was saved from Turkish invasion due to Dobo’s bravery.
  • One of Uzhgorod old parts Goriany is situated at one of the hills. There is a small round fortress of St. Anna, which has no architecture analogues in Ukraine. There are only two similar rounds in the world (both are in Hungary). It is interesting that the walls of small round church are decorated with fresco of XI century painted by artists presented the Giotto School of Arts.
  • There are many unique parks-monuments at the territory of Uzhgorod district:
    • Uzhgorod: Laudon park, Podzamkovyi park;
    • Nevitskoye – Wagner park;
    • Bolshiye Lazy – Ploteni park;
    • Chertezh – park of 1848.

Parks existed at the territory of the district since medieval and their appearance is connected with feudal Ploteny, Drugety contributed to new parks development. They brought different exotic plants from all over the world. It confirms then fact that there wer 5 parks in the city around the castle in 1701: Tsvetochnyi, Zverinyi, Lougovoi, Zhuravlinyi and Golubinyi. Even now there is 500 years old platan grows in Uzhgorod.

  • Uzhgorod monastery (women Roman Catholic);
  • Ancient temples: Goriany, Uzhgorod, Derenkovtsy, Strumkovka, Palad, Komarivtsy;
  • Medieval castles: Uzhgorod of XI century, Nevitskyi of XIII-XVII century, Sredniy of XII-XVIII century and aristocratic castles of Druget family (ruins of Uzhgorod-Goriany) and Ploteny (Bolshiye Lazy).

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