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Yalta is a resort city in Crimea, southern Ukraine, on the north coast of the Black Sea. The city is located on the site of an ancient Greek colony, said to have been founded by Greek sailors who were looking for a safe shore on which to land.

Sea at the Yalta is gorgeous, tender and grand. It is impossible to imagine Yalta without sea. The sea came into it life and gave it the name. The legend “How Yalta appeared” tells about it.

Yalta is the sea gates of the Southern Coast of Crimea and international port of Ukraine (there are three international sea ports in Ukraine: Odessa, Yalta and Mariupol). Long-distance passenger ship, tourists’ launches and yachts stay in the port. From there you can get to villages-satellites Gurzuf, Alupka, Miskhor and Simeiz by the launch. The modern sea port was built in 1957-1958, under architect Bronnikov design. The street named after F.D. Roosevelt is one of the oldest in the city takes you from the port to the city. The bridge across Bystraya (Derekoiku) River connects it with Lenin Quay.

Coastal part of the Southern hill of mountain ridge from Cape Aiya at the West to Karadag Mountain at the east called The Southern Coast of Crimea. This narrow coast line with the width from 2 to 12 km partitioned by numerous ravines and river valleys is extremely picturesque.

Wherever you come to Yalta it will open to you suddenly. Magnificent Southern city scattered at the sea coast in the valleys of two mountain rivers of karst origin: Uchan-Sou (Vodopadnaya) and Derekoiki (Bystraya). From the land side the city is surrounded with mountain semi-ring: there is Ai-Petry yaila - the part of the Main Ridge of Crimea Mountains is to the North and North-West of Yalta; spur of Nikita yaila with Avinda (1473 m) peak goes to the North-East of it lowering gradually to the sea and end with Nikita Cape (Marian). There is Mogaby Mountain (804 m) of cone shape to the South-West of Yalta. It Southern hill ends by Ai-Todor Cape at the sea. The relief of the land in the limits of this rather small mountain circle surround Yalta is various enough. There is also a ridge of high mountains with Ai-Petri (1234 m) peak and spurs of mountains with hills covered with thick pine and beech forests, and deep gorges with water falls and mountain river valleys. This circle is elegantly underlined by Yalta Bay.

There is Darsan Hill and Hill of Glory in the city. Further there is Iograph spur behind the hill. Darsan Hill and Iograph spur is the watershed of Derekoiki (Bystraya) River and Uchan-Sou (Vodopadnaya) River. Both rivers run in the ventral part of the city and fall into the sea not far from quay.

Recommended restaurants in Yalta


  • Yalta's Sea Promenade (Naberezhnaya), housing many attractions and being recently renovated (2003–2004)
  • Armenian Church, built by V. Surenyants
  • A Roman Catholic Church built by N. Krasnov, a famous Russian architect
  • Yalta's cable car, taking visitors to the Darsan hill, from which one can see Yalta's shoreline
  • Renovated Hotel Taurica, the first hotel in the former Russian Empire with elevators
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, constructed by the architect Krasnov, who also constructed the Livadia Palace and the architect P. Terebenyov
  • Former main building of the Ministry of Defence hotel, built in the style of a Gothic castle
  • Palace of Bukhara Emir
  • Yalta's Zoo
  • Yalta's Aquarium, housing small dolphins
  • Park-museum
  • Polyana Skazok (Glade of Fairytales)
  • White Dacha - House-museum of Anton Chekhov
  • House-museum of Lesya Ukrainka
  • House with Caryatids, where the composer A. Spendiarov lived
  • Foros Church
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden (Nikita)
  • Livadia Palace (Livadiya)
  • Organ hall in Livadiya
  • Massandra Palace (Massandra)
  • Massandra Winery and Vaults
  • International children's centre of Artek (Gurzuf)
  • Ai-Petri Mountain (1233 m high, with a cable car traveling to and from the mountain)
  • Alupka Palace
  • Swallow's Nest castle near Gaspra
  • Tsar's Path hiking trail

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