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Hotels in Yaremche

The Carpathian Mountains - or "Green Pearl of Ukraine" - are a stunning range in the west of Ukraine that offer beautiful holidays year round. In winter, many flock to the Carpathians for skiing and snowboarding, while in summer guests can take hikes through Ukraine's picturesque forests and along burbling streams.

Yaremche is the most popular tourist destination of the Carpathians. The town founded more than five hundred years ago and it had seen many historical pages. Yaremche located in the valley of the Prut River at an altitude of 585 m above sea level. The population of Yaremche is 7,850 people.

In Yaremche an original Hutsul color harmonizes with excellent infrastructure tourist centre of the green tourism, to high-end hotels.

Recommended places to visit:
  • Wooden church Mikhailovskaya (XVII c.) and St. John the Merciful (XVIII c.) with the bell tower
  • Monument to the leader of the national liberation movement O. Dovbush
  • Dovbush Cave
  • Museum and monument of Partisan Glory connection SA Kovpak - S. Rudnev, in force in the Carpathian Mountains in 1943
  • Hutsul bazaar, where you can buy traditional souvenirs: vyshyvanka (the Ukrainian traditional clothing which contains elements of Ukrainian ethnic embroidery), national hats, belts, unique wooden jewellery boxes. Gutsul wool coverlet (liznyk) made of natural wool or warm slippers from the same material would be a good present for your friends. Please note that all products are handmade by an old technology and from natural materials.
  • “Hook” Waterfall, over which you will pass over the bridge of 20 m high to the gutsul souvenir market
  • The sources of mineral waters
  • Enclosures with roes, deer and wild boars.

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