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Tour to Aviation museum

3 hours

The State Aviation Museum of Ukraine (Zhuliany) is the youngest and, at the same time, the largest historical museum of the country's technical history.


Tour to Mezhygirya

5 hours

The former residence of ex-President Victor Yanukovich who rented that area from 2002 till 2014, which is a huge and luxury complex and park.


Full Day tour to Chornobyl Zone

The Chornobyl disaster was a nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (back then a part of the Soviet Union).


Ethnographic Complex “Ukrainian Village”

Full day tour

Complex has been founded for everybody who cares about their origin and native land to give an opportunity to see with their own eyes greatness and beauty of the Ukrainian land and its people...


Day Tour to Pereiaslav-Khmelnitsky city museum

Pereiaslav-Khmelnitsky city-museum, located 85 km from Kyiv, on the left bank, at the point where it empties into the river Trubezh. For eleven centuries of the city in its place a variety of events and they are all more or less left their mark.


Day tour to the strategic missile forces base

Full day tour

Till the beginning of 1994 this defense base had 176 missile complexes, which were armed with 130 missiles type PC-18 (CC-19) and 46 missiles type PC-22 (CC-24) with 1272 nuclear warheads. In addition, Ukraine had 2500 units of tactical nuclear weapons.


Day tour to Uman

Full day tour

Day tour to the cozy town of Uman (200 km from Kyiv) where dendrological park “Sofyivka” is situated. This is without exaggeration one of the most beautiful parks of Europe, created by the leading architects of the West Europe for the rich Polish magnate Pototskiy and his wife Sofia.


“The Kyivan Rus Park” – The Historical and Cultural Center of Kyivan Rus

Day tour

You are welcome to visit the unique place where V-XIII centuries Kyiv's Detinets-Kremlin architectural image is being reconstructed and reconstituted to full scale.


Night Kyiv

3 hours

Kyiv is exceptionally beautiful in the evening, when from observation platforms you can admire a rainbow of thousand color lights. Illumination of bridges and cathedrals, numerous spotlights look fairy-tale and majestic.


Kyiv in Miniature

2 hours

If you bored of the city noise and have desire to go out for a walk on fresh air, but to go out of town you does not want, you should choose for leisure park "Kyiv in miniature", which is located on one of picturesque banks of the Dnipro river. His various collection of buildings in scale 1:33 displays modern Kyiv city with the most famous architectural landmarks.


Stadium tour

2 hours

It is an unforgettable event for all the family, a great opportunity to look behind the scenes of the largest stadium of Ukraine. It is a really exciting, informative and interactive tour for people of any age group.


Excursion to the Museum of Folk Architecture and Folkways of Ukraine (Pyrohiv)

3 hours

This museum was founded in 1969 as the reserve of the national culture. There are more then 300 buildings: churches, mills, huts, the objects of life, country clothes (about 80 thousands items).


Mysterious Kitayevo

6 hours

This ancient Russia settlement was located in the southern outskirts of Kiev in forested land which had been called Kytayev. Our ancestors appreciate the meaning of Kytayevo situated on the high hills and been mounted to serve fortified fortress.


Visit to Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

3 hours

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra has been wonderful ornamentation and fame of Pechersk for ages. It is the object of worship of all Orthodox world. Antonyi from Lyubech was the founder of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra.


Architecture Monuments of Pechersk

2.5 hours

Pechersk is one of the oldest districts of Kyiv. Its structure includes such historical places as Vydubychy, Zvyrynyc, Klov, Lypky.


Around old streets of Podil

2.5 hours

The excursion is intended to acquaint people with one of the most beautiful and oldest districts of Kiev, with Podil, its history and charms.


Ancient Kyiv

3 hours

Its on of the popular tour in Kyiv. You will get to know the most interesting aspects of 1500 years of Kyiv history. Kyiv...


Sightseeing around the city

3 hours

This excursion will make you get acquainted with the most interesting and marvelous sights of Kyiv.

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